Advantages of Pine Wood Tables

Tanya Watson

Although there are more than 100 species of pine, pine wood tends to lend a distinctive look to furniture. A durable, stylish and inexpensive soft wood pine can be an ideal choice for dining and coffee tables. However, it is important to understand the benefits and drawbacks of pine wood in order to make an informed decision.


A pine table can be affordable, durable and customizable.

Because it is easily and readily available, pine wood is typically an inexpensive wood to purchase. Pine wood tables are often more affordable than tables constructed of more expensive or exotic woods, such as rosewood. Pine wood tables are an excellent choice if you're on a tight budget. However, craftmanship also factors into price and some pieces of pine furniture can be expensive. For an inexpensive table, look to big box furniture stores but carefully examine the quality.


Although pine is classified as a soft wood, it is a favorite of furniture makers because of its durability. Pine resists shrinking or swelling, though it can easily dent and become scratched, which some people believe only adds to its rustic appeal. Examine an antique piece of pine furniture to determine how your pine table will wear and if you like the look. Keep in mind that the quality of pine tables will vary according to the manufacturer.


Pine furniture is commonly sold unfinished. This is a desirable for do-it-yourself enthusiasts who prefer to stain, paint or even pickle pine furniture for a custom look. Pine furniture also looks good with a simple clear coat of varnish or wax for a natural-looking finish that can suit a variety of decorating styles.


Pine wood offers many aesthetic benefits which, although highly subjective, are important to consider. Pine typically has many knots and lines, which results in a piece of furniture that can truly be one of a kind. However, it is possible to purchase pine furniture that does not have knots, although you can expect to pay more. Pine is also a light colored wood and, when left unstained, can easily fit into both traditional and contemporary decorating styles.