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The Uses of Cedar Sawdust

Casandra Maier

Sawdust can be made from virtually any kind of wood, including walnut, maple or cedar. It is typically viewed as a waste product created when cutting, drilling or sawing wood. However, sawdust has many uses in and around the home. Cedar sawdust specifically has many applications in your yard and your garage, in addition to other uses. Save cedar sawdust for use in practical applications.

Weed Suppressant

Save cedar sawdust to use as a weed suppressant, fire starter or animal bedding.

Cedar sawdust can be used on and along sidewalks, patios and driveways as a low-cost weed killer and suppressant. Cedar saw dust is natural and safe when compared to chemical treatments for killing weeds. Spreading cedar sawdust not only kills weeds, but keeps them from coming back due to the fact that the cedar creates soil conditions that are not conducive to plant growth as the cedar decays. However, cedar sawdust also kills other plants; therefore, use it selectively in places that do not affect desired plant growth.

Fire Starters

Cedar sawdust can also be used to make natural fire starters. You can create these homemade briquettes by melting candle wax in a large pot. Once the wax melts, add the cedar sawdust until the mixture becomes less workable and difficult to stir. Use a pan with muffin cups into which you pour the wax and sawdust mixture to cool and dry. The muffin cups allow the mixture to form into small briquettes. You can use these fire starters in your home fireplace or when you go camping.

Spill Clean-up

Cedar sawdust is also useful for its absorbent properties and can be used to clean up spills in your garage or basement. Cedar sawdust can absorb spilled liquids such as oil or paint. Simply sprinkle the sawdust on the spill and allow 20 to 30 minutes for absorption. The cedar sawdust absorbs the liquid for an easier clean-up you can sweep into a dustpan.

Animal Uses

Cedar sawdust can be used to create animal bedding for pets and livestock. It can also serve as a litter product. The pleasant aroma of fresh cedar acts as a deodorizer. Cedar sawdust animal bedding also helps to ward off fleas and ticks. However, before using cedar sawdust for your animals, double check with your veterinarian, as cedar sawdust can cause respiratory illnesses in some animals. Cedar sawdust should not be used as bedding for scent dogs.