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My Kenmore Dishwasher Is Not Completing the Cycle

Sean Russell

Kenmore, the manufacturer of several kitchen appliances, makes automatic dishwashers that feature several cycles. While some of these cycles, such as the "Pots and Pans" cleaning cycle, are optional, many are necessary parts of the dish-cleaning process. Fortunately, Kenmore dishwashers feature ways for a homeowner to troubleshoot the appliance if it is not completing the wash cycle.

Seal Integrity

One of the main reasons a Kenmore washer will not complete its function is because the protective seal is faulty or incompletely closed. When the dishwasher door closes, a rubber seal closes all around the door. This seal prevents water and heat from escaping the dishwasher during its cycle. If the seal is worn, broken or not completely shut, the door will open partially because of pressure from the water jets. When the door opens, a safety feature trips, stopping all activity in the dishwasher and leaving unclean dishes in the middle of a cycle.

Power Issues

If the seal on the door is completely shut, the issue may lay in the power connection to the washer. While the dishwasher may power on and even begin the washing cycle, a loose connection to the power system may deactivate the washer as the water jets jostle the unit. If a loose power connection is suspected, pull out the washer from its location and ensure the connection from the power to the dishwasher is not frayed or broken. If the connection is loose, refasten it to the power system. If the connection is frayed or broken, it will require replacement.

Improper Loading

Of course, not all errors are computer generated. Loading the dishwasher is a hassle, especially when large pots and pans require washing. If odd-shaped dishware is poking far enough out of the dish rack, it can put enough pressure on the door to force it open slightly during the cycle. This will activate the safety feature, and the dishwasher will not complete the cycle. This process may also cause the washer to activate and deactivate intermittently.

No Water

Water, an essential part of the dishwashing process, can sometimes be scarce during washing. This happens either when the water source is not active or when the water inlet valve is clogged. Either way, the dishwasher will not complete a wash without access to water. If the water is turned on and no water is going to the dishwasher, consult a service professional for repairs.