What Will Kill Roaches?


Cockroaches are annoying and disgusting insects that live in houses, apartments, offices and most buildings. There are more than 4,000 species, but about five are found in homes. They prefer living in warm climates, such as behind refrigerators and microwaves. They feast on leftover food crumbs that people do not clean up. While some can keep a cockroach as a pet, others want to get rid of them as quiclyk as possible. Roaches are killed by calling an exterminator; trapping and disposing; or feeding them poison to end their lives.


The most expensive but most effective solution is to call an exterminator. The two most popular nationwide companies are Orkin and Terminix. These companies can come into your house and spray chemicals that will essentially poison or suffocate the cockroaches. The exterminators are specially trained to identify where the cockroaches live, so they will make sure to spray down the area where they entered your house and seal off any other potential invasion. You can also sign up for a plan with a company to come back to your house a couple times a year to ensure there is no problem. The cost to spray can range from $60 to $300 depending on the plan chosen.


If hiring an exterminator is too costly or if you believe that you can handle the problem yourself because the infestation is not so big, or maybe you are worried about having chemicals sprayed in your house, then erected roach traps is a way to trap the little beasts. Roach traps cost about $10 and are made by companies such as Combat or Victor. They are essentially sheets of sticky paper with roach food on them. The roaches are lured to the paper for dinner and get caught up. Roach traps can also be made at home with a jar, roach food and a sticky adhesive substance such as glue or duct tape.


If you are ok with using poison then you can buy some Maxforce roach bait gel. This substance is put out to tempt the roaches to eat and also bring back to their family and children. Once the whole family has consumed they will die in essentially hours. This will also help to prevent roach eggs from spreading. This is a good low-cost alternative when the roach problem is not severe.

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