Reflective Window Treatments

Reflective window treatments are an ideal energy saving solution for residential and commercial interior spaces. Created with innovative products, reflective window treatments reflect light, but they do not block out all natural light. They are particularly effective in cooling homes and offices in the summer by keeping sunlight out and reducing heating costs in the winter by allowing sunlight in. Reflective window treatments also insulate interior spaces in both winter and summer. They can help decrease your energy bills because the reflective window treatments allow some natural light in, reducing the need for room lighting.

Reflective Window Film

Reflective window films are affixed directly to a window. They are sometimes referred to as window clings. Reflective window films block summer heat and are ideal window treatment solutions for tropical climates. Reflective window films can be used on any window size and shape and do not require professional installation. The films are available in a variety of color tints. Silver tinted films that replicate the look of mirrors are typically more effective in reflecting light, saving energy and reducing glare than more transparent colored films. According to Energy Star, reflective window films are best used on windows that face south or west because of their higher potential for heat gain. While reflective window films do allow some light to pass through them, consumers note a decrease in interior light and visibility to the outdoors.

Solar Window Roller Shades

Often referred to as "sunglasses for windows," solar window roller shades are an attractive kind of reflective window treatment. Solar window roller shades provide interior sun protection while preserving your beautiful exterior views. They allow diffused light into a room while protecting furniture from UV rays. According to the Florida Solar Energy Center, solar window shades are only effective in saving energy when the product's solar reflectance is on the side of the shade facing the exterior of the home, not the interior room. The reflective nature of solar window roller shades helps to protect furniture and fabrics, reduce glare and limit heat gain. Reflective shades are ideal for residential or commercial offices, media rooms or any room with glaring sunlight.

Reflective Window Blinds

The majority of window blind products save energy as reflective barriers in warm climates. Reflective window blinds reflect sunlight and keep it from entering a room, therefore reducing heat and saving energy costs in the summer. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, on a sunny day, reflective window blinds can reduce heat gain by approximately 45 percent when they are closed and lowered. However, most reflective window blinds do little to reflect sun into a room in the winter because they don't provide effective insulation. Window blinds manufactured in a honeycomb design do provide insulation by offering a pocket that separates that window from the room. Unlike traditional blinds, honeycomb window blinds can't be adjusted to let in more or less or light; they are either raised or lowered.