Benefits of Vinyl Couches

Steve Johnson

Vinyl has become a common upholstery fabric that composes many different chairs, couches and curtains within homes. It provides several advantages and is common across the globe in a variety of uses, including transportation interiors, home-sidings, packing material and medical uses, such as tubing and blood bags. As the third most produced plastic in the world, the advantageous qualities of vinyl extends to many facets in people's home-life, including couches.


Vinyl Couch

Vinyl on couches looks very similar to leather. Since leather has a distinctive elegant look to it, vinyl often times carries the same look—which can contribute to a home’s elegance. The main benefit of vinyl over leather is that leather is created from a flayed hide of an animal—normally created from the cattle within the beef industry—and vinyl is a chemical compound; therefore, the homeowner can rest comfortably if they are concerned about any animals being harmed for the elegant look of their couch.


The main benefit to vinyl and why it dominates public transportation industries for the top choice of interior fabric is due to its cost. Vinyl can be commonly found everywhere in transportation interiors—including within school buses, trains and airlines—since its costs are much lower than the competition.

The same low-costs are applicable to furniture, such as common couches; they can be produced at very low, affordable prices. Cheap, vinyl furniture is available in an assortment of varieties as well as colors.


Vinyl is very easy to maintain, which is why many homeowners love vinyl couches, since the couch is normally one of the most commonly stained areas within homes. Vinyl can be cleaned with as little as soap and water; rarely will it stain, as vinyl can withstand most types of spills.


Another reason why vinyl covered furniture is so common is its durability. This durability is why vinyl is used in so many different forms, such as home sidings and medical tubing. Weathering constant abuse and wear, couches made of vinyl can easily last several years; about the only damage that vinyl is normally subject to, is ripping and tearing--normally resulting from an accident by the home-owner.