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How to Remove Super Glue From Vinyl

Elizabeth Chaplin

Super glue is exactly how it sounds; super. Unfortunately, once super glue touches skin, fabric or carpet, it is extremely difficult to remove because it is made to stick. When super glue spills or drips on vinyl, it can be even more complicated to remove, since many types of glue removers found in hardware stores and acetone will often discolor vinyl. Fortunately, super glue can be removed from vinyl without the use of damaging chemicals.

Step 1

Place an ice cube over the area covered in super glue. This will freeze the super glue, which will make it shrink. This might help break the bond between the super glue and the vinyl.

Step 2

Chip the bulk of the super glue off of the vinyl using a razor. Take off only the top layer of super glue; do not try to dig underneath the glue, because this will damage the vinyl.

Step 3

Use a fine grit sandpaper to sand off the dried glue. Sand carefully, avoiding surrounding areas not affected by the glue. Depending on the type of vinyl (soft or hard), the technique will vary. When sanding soft vinyl, move the sandpaper lightly in a circular motion. More pressure can be applied to the sandpaper on hard vinyl. Do this until the glue is removed.

Step 4

Spray or pour vinyl polish over the area. Make sure the polish is made for the type of vinyl involved. There are several types of vinyl floor polish, as well as vinyl furniture cleaners and polishes. Rub the area well with a rag.