Activities to Build a House

If you are considering a new home purchase, then you may want to think about building your own home. When you build your house, it can be built to your exact specifications, and you know the house intimately, which can make repairs and remodeling easier. There is a certain amount of pride in building your own home, but there is also a significant amount of work to be done. Before you get started on your home you will need to review the activities that need to be done when building a house.


If you plan on financing your home with a bank or other lending institution, then begin your home building project by determining how much money you have. The lender will have a set of qualifications you will need to satisfy in order to be considered for a home building loan. If you plan on building the home yourself, then the lender may ask for proof that you are qualified. It can also help you to have a general outline of what kind of house you were considering and what contractors you were thinking of hiring.


Create a rough layout of your home so that you can easily convey your ideas to an architect or engineer. There are several computer programs available that will help you to put together a rough computer drawing of your home. Once you have your basic ideas you should work with an engineer and an architect to draw up the final blueprints. Some software titles to consider include "Home and Landscape Design" by Punch! Software, "Home Designer Suite 9.0" by Chief Architect and "Total 3D Home Design Deluxe" by Individual Software Incorporated.


Where you build your home will determine what you can and cannot have in it. Before you purchase any property, make a list of prospective locations and then discuss them with a representative from your local zoning board. Let the representative review your blueprints, and they will let you know what property is best suited for your plans, and what variances you may need from the zoning board to make your house possible.


You cannot begin building until you have a permit from the local zoning board saying that your plans are approved. Once you have your building permit in hand you can expect regular visits from the zoning board to monitor construction. If something requires a permit to complete, the zoning board will let you know.

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