Dishwashers That Heat the Water

Dishwashers manufactured today not only provide cold water, but hot water for your dishes as well.

Energy Star

Energy Star dishwashers heat your water while being 41% more energy efficient than standard models. Using their own water heaters, Energy Star washers allow for increased savings, save 20 gallons of water by cleaning dishes without rinsing, and lower your energy bill by $30 each year.


Coming with a booster heater, the Hobart AM 15 Dishwasher provides enough hot water to melt dishwasher soap and clean greasy dishes while saving money. Certified by the National Science Foundation, it cleans dishes, pots and pans. Chemical sanitation and a stainless steel finish are also included.


Built into the kitchen, the Frigidaire Professional Dishwasher is also Energy-Star-certified. It operates no louder than a whisper, lets you select options with one button via its Pro-Select Controls, chooses your cycle based on your cleaning requirements, and contains room for over 180 items in a single load.

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