R-134A Refrigerant Specifications

R134a refrigerant, is a replacement for the chlorofluorocarbon R12 refrigerant which has been implicated in the depletion of the Earth's protective ozone layer. In addition to its non-ozone depleting nature, R134a also is not considered a component of hazardous waste as defined by the United States' 1976 Resource Conservation and Recovery Act.

Molecular Structure

R134a keeps your refrigerator cold.

The molecular weight of R134a is 102.3 grams per mole of molecules. Its chemical formula of F3CCH2F indicates that it is made of four fluorine atoms, two carbon atoms and two hydrogen atoms.


Refrigerant R134a's primary use is as an environmentally-friendly refrigerant. It can also replace CFCs as a propellant in aerosol cans as well as in blowing foams made out of polystyrene.


This compound freezes from a liquid to a solid state at 141.9 degrees below zero Fahrenheit. When it its liquid state, it boils and changes to a colorless gas with a faint odor at a temperature of 15.1 degrees below zero Fahrenheit.


Refrigerant R134a is referred to by a number of different names and identifying numbers. Freon 134a, 1,1,1,2-Tetrafluoroethane, and UN3159 are all different names for it. Its CAS, or Chemical Abstracts Service, number is 811-97-2.

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