Uses for an Old Fire Hose

Because of its strength and durability, old fire hose can be used in landscaping design and more substantial projects such as toys for zoo animals. Check with local fire departments as they sometimes have fire hoses on hand too damaged to repair. Old fire hose is also available online for free via sites like Craig's List, or for sale on sites like eBay.

Garden Hose Protection

There are many creative ways to use durable and flexible old fire hoses.

In a homemade watering system for your yard, sometimes it is helpful to run a garden hose across a well-traveled path or a driveway. Stringing the garden hose through a section of old fire hose protects it. The fire hose should be strong enough to withstand the wear and tear of cars driving over it for years to come.

Chafe Gear and Line Protection for Boats

Running old fire hose around the edges of dinghies or other small boats can protect them from damage. Also, instead of the traditional cowhide leather, as an inexpensive option you can use heavy-duty zip ties to wrap 3-inch-wide strips of old fire hose around your boat's lines.

Rehabilitation and Play for Animals

Orangutans and other primates at zoos sometimes are given old fire hoses to swing from and climb on. Old fire hose is stronger and longer lasting than rope.

Personal Hammocks

Making your own hammock is easy when you string old fire hose around sturdy trees, run it through planks of wood, and fasten it all together with nylon cord and nylon cloth webbing.

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