How to Make Cheap Storm Windows

Create cheap storm windows to save on heating costs.

Commercial storm windows can cost hundreds of dollars and may even require that you replace your original windows.  Take a tip from frugal DIY specialists and create your own inexpensive storm windows. The money that you save in heating costs could pay for the project in just a month or two. 

  1. Measure from the top of the window opening to the bottom of the windowsill frame. Add 2 inches. This will be the length of your plastic-sheeting measurements. Measure from the inside of your window opening from the left to the right. Add 2 inches. This will be the width of your plastic-sheeting measurements.

  2. Cut a piece of plastic sheeting to the dimensions that you calculated by measuring the window opening.

  3. Cut 1-inch strips of corrugated cardboard the width and length of the plastic measurements. Cut two strips that are the width of the plastic and two strips that are the length of the plastic.

  4. Spread the plastic over the window and tack it down with small strips of masking tape. The masking tape is only a temporary holding device, so you don't need to secure the entire edge. The tape is simply there to hold the plastic in place.

  5. Lay a strip of corrugated cardboard on the wall above the window opening, on top of the plastic just below the plastic edge. Nail tacks into the cardboard every inch along the entire strip.

  6. Nail another strip of cardboard over the bottom edge of the plastic, making sure that the plastic sheeting is smooth, without bulges or wrinkles.

  7. Pull the sides of the plastic taut against the window opening and nail strips over the plastic edges on both sides.

  8. Remove any masking tape that remains on the plastic edges. Leaving the tape up through the entire winter season could damage the paint on your wall when you finally remove it.

  9. Tip

    If you have a helper to hold up the plastic, you can skip the step with the masking tape.

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