Natural Ways to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Getting rid of bed bugs can be a task, as bed bugs multiply quickly, and are nearly impossible to see with the human eye.

Clean Thoroughly

While pesticides can be harmful to the home and bedroom, there are some natural ways to get rid of bed bugs, without harming your home or family.

Cleaning is a key factor in the bed bug removal process. It is crucial to not only clean the entire house, but to keep it clean in the future. Start with the infested bedroom. Vacuum the mattress, and use a brush over the surface of all cracks and crevices, to get bed bugs out of hard to reach areas. This will, most times, require taking apart furniture as well. Remember to clean the undersides of all bedroom furniture, as this is many times a hiding spot for bed bugs.


After you have cleaned the home, it is important to go back over the entire house, and patch any cracks or holes from which bed bugs may move in. This is a very important step, especially when living in an apartment unit, or row house. Purchase a caulk or patch material from your local hardware store, and fill each hole or crack you come across. This includes areas around pipes and wires, as it only takes a tiny crack for a nest of bed bugs to move in.

Purchase a Mattress Bag

Special mattress bags can be purchased from your local pest control facility. The bags encase the entire mattress, creating an airtight seal which will eventually kill off all bed bugs inside. Once you have covered the mattress with the case, it is important to check the mattress bag, making sure there are no holes or tears on the case. Bed bugs will be trapped inside, and with nothing to feed off of, they will die off on their own.

Your Rights as a Renter

If you rent the property you live in, it is the landlord's obligation to keep the living space pest free, including bed bugs. Keep in mind that many times this will require harmful pesticides be used, as a landlord will typically hire a pest control facility to spray the property. Sometimes, however, if you request that these natural remedies be used, a landlord will assist in the purchase of the above needed supplies, and allow you to get rid of the bed bugs on your own.

Bed Bugs and Travel

Many times, bed bugs are brought into the home after traveling from a location infested with bed bugs, such as hotel rooms. When returning from a trip, immediately launder all clothing that was packed, and examine luggage as well. Bed bugs typically die in high heat, so one option is to leave the luggage in a hot vehicle during the summer heat, place the luggage in the dryer on high heat when possible (follow cleaning instructions in the luggage label), or simply examine the inside of the suitcase, and vacuum out if necessary.


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