Tips on Selecting Quality Bed Sheets

Selecting quality bed sheets can be a lot of fun, and though they can be expensive, you will be able to enjoy the comforts of the sheets for a long time.


There are three main things that you should look for when finding a quality bed sheet, including the cotton, the thread count and the feel of the sheet. .

If you are looking for a cool and soft feeling of a sheet, you will want to make sure that the sheet is 100 percent cotton. Many sheets you will find in major retail stores will be made of a cotton blend, and you will really be able to tell the difference in the sheet if it is not 100 percent cotton. Take a look on the package to make sure it is to know that you are getting a good cotton.

There are four main types of cottons found in sheets and they are short, medium, long and extra long. The longer the cotton is, the finer the fabric is. A common type of cotton that you will find in many quality sheets is Egyptian cotton. It almost has a silky feel to it.

Thread Count

While some people base their sheet purchase solely based on thread count, it is not the only thing to look for in a sheet. As a general rule, the higher the thread count, the higher quality of sheet, as it will be a finer fabric. You will feel quite a difference in a 400 thread count sheet opposed to a 200 thread count sheet. A 200 thread count sheet will almost feel hard and stiff, as a 400 thread count will move easily.

A higher thread count sheet with an extra long cotton will actually appear to feel softer the more that it is washed and used. This will actually feel softer the longer that you own and use the sheets, but you typically have to purchase a 300 count sheet or higher Egyptian cotton.

The Feel

You can look at all different cotton blends and thread counts but the only thing that should help you make your decision is the way that the sheet feels against your skin. This can make or break a purchase. Many major bedding retailers will have samples of the sheets available for you to feel the cotton and softness.

When you are feeling the different kinds of sheets there are a couple of things to compare. First of all, how does it feel against your skin? If it feels soft and silky, you may want to consider it. Also, how does it hold up if you try to pull and stretch on it? These are all things you want to consider when selecting quality bed sheets.