DIY Dry Bar Plans

A dry bar adds a touch of elegance to any area but especially in areas used for entertaining. The table usually has a sink and an area used for cutting and working. There is storage space for alcohol and glasses. While they can be custom ordered or purchased at the local home center, creating your own plan adds distinction to the dry bar.

Planning the project

Most dry bars are made of hardwood like maple or oak. Teak and bamboo are also used. Use a wood that best fits the d├ęcor of the area where the dry bar will be used. Bamboo is typically used for an outdoor dry bar. Measure the area and determine the size the dry bar needs to be. Sketch it out on a piece of paper. Sketch in the area that is going to surround the dry bar as well. A dry bar that is going to be situated outdoors close to a pool may have more room than one that is going to fit into a corner in the family room. Remember that storage space for bottles, glasses and accessories is going to be needed. By building the cabinets, the depth can be customized to exactly fit the area where the dry bar is going to be placed. Doors can be purchased if more decorative cabinets are desired. Glass doors make a very attractive covering to the cabinets. In designing a dry bar, consider whether or not a refrigerator is going to be a part of the design. Plan out the design for the work area and the sink. Plumbing and electrical needs should also be taken into consideration.

Putting it together

Cut the wood according to the measurements needed. To assemble the base cabinets, use wood glue and nails and assemble the sides, tops and bottoms into a box. Use wood glue and nails to attach the one large piece of wood to create the back for the base. To create the hutch, use wood glue and nails to put the top of the hutch and the sides of the hutch together. Add the hutch bottom and the shelf. Edge banding can be applied using a household iron. Stain everything before adding the doors. The dry bar should also be coated with a sealant. Stemware racks can be purchased and installed when the cabinet doors are installed. Various hardware designs in hinges and handles are available to add eye appeal.

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