DIY Dremel Engraver

A Dremel engraving tool accomplishes many projects. From wood signs to personalized jewelry boxes, there are virtually no limits. Your creativity is the guide, and Dremel engraving helps make the projects professional and complete. There are several methods and processes to engraving pieces of decor, and each will suit different types of projects.

Engraving Tools

The Dremel tool comes with several attachments that make engraving simple. They include an array of bits with different diameters and shapes. Select a bit that will create the exact line size you are seeking to make a more professional engraving. Remember, the bit size relates to the width of the line you are drawing. Choosing a smaller bit size forces you to make two passes at your line, and this results in less professional results.


A template will make your DIY Dremel engraving more effective. Templates for letters are available in many styles. Use metal letter stencils to draw your letters onto the surface before you start engraving. Use a thick, dark and sharp pencil to draw the letter on wood or metal. Then use the Dremel tool to carve out that letter. Another option is to cut one one letter using the Dremel into a thin piece of wood (0.5 to 1 inch thick). Then suspend this template over the surface of the object. Set in on a block and use a hand clamp to hold it in place. Then place the Dremel tool inside of the template so the bit slides along its edges and creates the engraving.


Wooden objects are engraved with the Dremel drill bit attachments. For metal or wood objects, use the carbide bit. This also allows engraving on glass. The stroke adjustment indicator dial gives control over the depth of your engraving point as well. Set them to make fine lines or deeper letters. For metal and glass, the finer adjustments work best, while deeper settings work well on wood boxes and signs. Use a careful, even stroke to create your engraving on all projects.

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