Mold Abatement Procedures

If you are experiencing unexplainable allergic reactions and sinus headaches, or you smell a dank musty smell in certain places in your home, you may have a mold outbreak. In some cases, the mold can reside in your walls and carpet, causing thousands of dollars in damage, if left unchecked. To abate mold in your home you must locate outbreaks of mold and then apply some proven measures to eliminate the mold completely.

Eliminate Humidity

Mold thrives in places where the relative humidity is above 55 percent. Humidity gauges are essential in detecting the relative humidity in your home, and they are comparatively cheap. Place a humidity gauge in every room you can, including attic, basement, inside cabinets and around closets and food storage areas, and note any areas of high humidity.

In places where you find the humidity high, use a dehumidifier to reduce humidity, which will slow mold growth. Multi-room dehumidifiers are more effective over a larger area than smaller units, and many come reasonably priced.

Fix Water Leaks

Aside from the relative humidity in your home, mold may take up residence in areas where water is leaking into your home, either from faulty pipes or from cracks in your foundation. Stopping these leaks is essential to abate the growth of mold in these areas. To detect leaky pipes, look for warning signs, such as a moldy smell coming from the walls, abnormally high water bills, discolored or damaged walls and cracks in your foundation.

You may need a professional plumber to help detect and repair leaks in your walls. Open windows in affected rooms and ventilate with fans to stop mold growth until the leaks can be fixed permanently.

Create a Spotless Home

Mold spreads more rapidly in homes that are not cleaned very often, or are overly cluttered. Don protective rubber gloves and a dust filter mask and do a thorough cleaning and vacuuming of your home. Make sure to clean and vacuum behind heavy furniture.

Check your carpets for excess moisture or a moldy smell with the understanding that there is not much hope for carpets that have been saturated. In most cases--where some flooding has occurred and the carpet has been saturated--it is recommended that the carpet be ripped out and thrown away.

Use a boric acid solution to kill mold on furniture floors or walls where it can be seen and remember to always spray moldy areas (to wet them) before wiping them, as mold spores can be kicked into the air during the cleaning process.

Boric Acid Formula

Create a boric acid solution by adding 1 part 35 percent hydrogen peroxide to three parts water into a bucket. Add 1 cup of boric acid for each half-gallon mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water. Pour the solution into plastic spray bottles so that you can wet down the moldy areas before wiping them clean.

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