How to Remove Controlled Murphy Beds

F.R.R. Mallory

Murphy beds are designed to fold up against a wall. Many people believe that a Murphy bed must be left with a house when you move out, but this isn't true. Most manufacturers provide detailed removal instructions to allow homeowners to take their beds with them from one home to another.

How to Remove Controlled Murphy Beds

If you don't have the removal directions for your bed, most general instructions will work as long as you look for and disconnect any springs used to help move your bed from one position to another. These can be mounted in different locations based on different models, so a close examination of the hardware is essential to remove the bed safely.

  1. Disconnect any side cabinets from the bed assembly. Look for three or more screw locations inside of the cabinets on the side connected to the bed. Remove all of the screws between the units. Move the side cabinets away. Remove any crown and base molding from the top and bottom of the bed using a screwdriver. Removable moldings will be attached with screws and small L-brackets.

  2. Remove any screws attaching the bed to the wall; some beds won't have these screws. Lower the bed and remove the mattress. Remove the bed boards that were under the mattress. Sometimes the boards will be attached with screws. Remove the head board, bridge board and stretcher board. You may need an adjustable wrench as well as a screwdriver to remove some pieces. Remove the face of the bed. You may need to lift the bed to remove the face since it's underneath the bed frame or on the underside of the bed. The face is the panel that's visible when you close the bed inside the cabinet. This should expose the metal bed frame.

  3. Expose the hardware. Locate any pistons or springs that are used to help lift the bed. Some pistons are attached to the side boards. Lift the bed 2 to 6 inches so the side board remains on the floor. Have a friend hold the bed in that position. Pry the retaining spring from the piston head using a flat screwdriver. Slide off the E-clips holding the pivot posts to the frame. Slide the side boards away from the frame. Replace the E-clip and spring on the piston so you can find them when you install your bed in the next location. On spring beds, rotate the bed until the spring is in its relaxed position. Detach the spring from the bolts.

  4. Remove the nuts or bolts attaching the hardware and bed to the wall or floor. Package all your loose fasteners in a sealed plastic bag and tape the bag with the hardware so it remains with the bed during transport.


Always detach springs in their flat positions, when they're not under tension. Once the tension elements are removed the hardware is safe to unbolt completely.