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How to Arrange a King Size Bed in the Corner

Si Kingston

Often, king size beds are positioned in the center of a wall, flanked by night tables. But the corner of the room might be the only space available for your king size bed. Extending the bed from the corner adds drama to the room, because it is an unusual position. When positioning such a large bed in the corner, you cut your room in half -- diagonally. This divides the room into angles, more specifically triangles. Designing with these triangular angles in mind makes the position of the bed less awkward.

A king size bed positioned in a traditional way can look sterile.

Step 1

Center the headboard of the king size bed in the corner. This creates an isosceles triangle of leftover space between the headboard and the corner walls.

Step 2

Place a large plant behind the headboard. This fills the dead, triangular space between the headboard and walls.

Step 3

Flank a tall light on one or both sides of the bed in place of nightstands. Because the bed is now set at about a 45-degree angle, perpendicular to each wall, nightstands will interrupt this angle and look awkward. For extra storage, place shallow bins underneath the bed, and place a small, round table on each side of the bed.

Step 4

Arrange a chair around the bed. You can place a bench seat at the foot of the bed, if room allows, or place a chair to the side of the bed. When placing a chair, choose the side of the bed with the most free space. Face the chair toward the foot of the bed to form an obtuse triangle with the bed, wall and chair.

Step 5

Position the dresser on the wall opposite the chair. The dresser should be flat against the wall. This forms an additional obtuse triangle and brings some balance back to the room because the dresser is flat against the wall.

Step 6

Hang artwork above the dresser, on the wall opposite the bed or on the wall behind the chair. Avoid trying to center artwork in the space behind the headboard; this looks awkward. The size and type of artwork are based on your decor and taste.

Step 7

Mount a flat-screen television in the corner opposite the bed. Instead of mounting it, you can set the TV on top of a tall dresser.