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How to Decorate Around a TV in the Corner

Naima Manal

Once a television is placed in the corner of the room and used, the décor of the space around it is often forgotten about. Once the television is off, however, it is easy to recognize that something needs to be done to that corner. Decorate the corner with design elements that balance it with the rest of the room. Add height with artwork, add body with cabinetry and greenery, and make the corner look like it was designed for the television, rather than being just a place that is close to an outlet.


Decorate the TV corner.
  1. Purchase a corner TV cabinet and position it in the corner of the room near an electrical outlet.

  2. Place the television inside the unit. Feed the cord through the hole in the back of the cabinet. Connect the cable wires.

  3. Place the other television equipment into the unit, such as the DVD player and a receiver box.


  1. Dress up the TV corner with plants. Place a medium-sized floor plant next to the TV unit.

  2. Position the plant so that its leaves do not block the television screen.

  3. Place a plant on the top shelf of the TV cabinet, or hang one or two plants from the ceiling near, but not directly above, the television.


  1. Hang artwork on the wall above the television. This is an unused space that will add height to the otherwise bare corner. The position of the artwork may also counterbalance other decorated corners in the room.

  2. Place framed artwork of the same size on both walls of the corner, positioned at the same level.

  3. Hang two columns of artwork on the walls of the frames, also positioned at the same level. Arranging artwork in a column fills up the wall behind the television, but its orderly arrangement adds uniformity to the corner's décor.

  4. Create visual interest with the artwork by staggering its positions on the corner's walls. Position one piece high on one wall and the other piece at a lower position on the other wall.

  5. Hang decorative cloths or eccentric carvings above the wall. The addition of any of these arrangements transforms the corner space into a focal point of the room.

  6. Tie into the corner decorative elements and colors that are repeated throughout the room. Since it is housing the television, it is better to make it blend into the room than to make it stand out in an odd way.