How to Make a Bedroom out of a Game Room

Lora Mathews

When it's time to move the pool table out and the bunk beds in, you need a plan to convert the game room to a bedroom. Determine the style that will reflect the new occupant's personality and decide on the purchases you will need to make. Consider the dimensions of your room before selecting any furnishings. For example, if the room is small, and the occupant will be an older child, you may want to consider loft-style furniture.

Convert a game room into a comfortable bedroom.
    Move your gaming furniture out of the room.
  1. Remove the furnishings from the game room and store them in the desired location or donate them.

  2. Clean the room thoroughly.
  3. Clean the empty game room. Vacuum the floor and wipe down the walls. Clean any light fixtures and windows.

  4. Paint the walls if the game room colors aren't right for a bedroom.
  5. Consider painting the game room a warm neutral tone, such as a buttery cream or sage green. Tape off the woodwork and paint the walls with your roller if desired.

  6. Center the bed if the room is large enough.
  7. Move in the bed and place it against one wall if the room is small. If the room is larger, center it along the wall opposite the door.

  8. Choose a quilt or comforter for the bed.
  9. Dress the bed with your chosen linens.

  10. Decorate the walls with fine-art posters or, if the new occupant is a child, whimsical wall stickers.

  11. If it's a guest bedroom, consider putting a pretty table lamp beside the bed.
  12. Place a table lamp on the dresser to give the room warm light.

  13. Create a welcoming atmosphere by arranging some books and collectibles in the bedroom.
  14. Bring in books, collectibles and other home accents to make the room feel comfortable.