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How to Move to a New Bedroom

Brad Chacos

Moving into a new bedroom is a lot of work, but for many people, it's exciting work. Whether a person is moving into a new apartment or shifting living spaces in his current home, moving into a new bedroom provides an opportunity to eliminate clutter and design a new room to match current tastes. While it is possible to just wing the entire process and bring boxes in haphazardly, a person should move to a new bedroom in an organized manner to make the process easier and less stressful.

A new bedroom is an opportunity to change furniture and linens.
  1. Completely empty the new bedroom.

  2. Clean the empty room thoroughly. Wash the walls, vacuum the carpet and scrub the corners.

  3. Paint the new room if desired. Focus on two or three colors to prevent "color clutter." Avoid using bold colors, such as a vibrant red or orange, if the room is small, or it may overwhelm the area. Wait for the paint to dry completely before moving in.

  4. Prepare the old room for moving. Pack loose objects in the old room into cardboard boxes. Create a box of essential items and leave it in an easily accessible place. Lay clothing in trash bags for transportation, unless moving to another room in the same house. Clean linens or dirty clothing before packing.

  5. Hang drapes, curtains or shades in the new bedroom before moving anything else in.

  6. Bring in the large furniture and items, such as beds, dressers and televisions. Arrange these into their final positions.

  7. Move in the boxes and bags of smaller objects and clothing last. Keep track of the box of essential items for easy accessibility. Unpack the items used the most first, such as clothing and personal-hygiene products. Decorating the walls is the final priority.