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How do I Soak New Uniforms in Vinegar?

Constance Barker

Uniforms are used in different capacities, such as for military personnel, sports teams and marching bands. New uniforms may bleed easily and feel stiff and scratchy. Vinegar softens the fabric and sets the color to prevent bleeding.

Soak uniforms in diluted vinegar.

Proper soaking techniques help uniforms feel comfortable and prevent accidental bleeding onto other clothing.

  1. Fill a sink or large bucket with 1 gallon of water.

  2. Pour 1 cup of white vinegar into the water in the sink or bucket.

  3. Place the new uniforms into the bucket or sink. Only soak one or two uniforms at a time to allow the vinegar to work effectively. Allow the uniforms to soak in the vinegar wash overnight.

  4. Remove the uniforms from the vinegar water and place them in the washer. Launder with 1 tbsp.of liquid laundry detergent.

  5. Read the care instructions on the label of the uniform and wash on the proper temperature setting for the fabric. Dry uniforms in the dryer or place them outside to dry on a clothesline.