How to Remove the Smell of Urine & Feces From Laundry

Children and pets who are still potty training often have accidents. When an accident occurs on a piece of clothing, it is easy to just throw it in the wash. However, even after washing and rewashing soiled clothes, the smell of urine may still linger.

Before using any harsh chemicals to remove the smell of urine from your clothing, consider using less harmful ways first. The smell of urine can easily be removed from clothing using baking soda or Nature's Miracle. Neither contain any harsh chemicals and they are both deodorizers.

  1. Remove all urine from clothing. Use a rag or paper towel to soak up the urine before attempting to wash it.

  2. Wash urine stained clothing in the washer with the hottest water your fabric will allow. Try using your normal detergent first. If the urine is still fresh, it might be possible to remove with your normal detergent.

  3. Add a half cup of baking soda along with your usual detergent to a load of laundry if the urine odor lingers. Baking soda neutralizes most odors. Allow the washing machine to go through a normal washing cycle in the hottest water your fabric will allow.

  4. Use Nature's Miracle Laundry Boost if the baking soda did not effectively remove the smell of urine from your clothing. Nature's Miracle is an enzyme-based product designed to remove urine stains and odor.

  5. Tip

    Never use a cleaner with ammonia to remove urine stains or odor. To pets, ammonia smells like urine so your pets might chose to continue urinating on your clothes.