How to Design a Man Cave In a Small Room

Jaimie Zinski

Man caves are modern-day refuges that allow boys and men of all ages to escape the rigors of everyday life. They’re typically filled with sports memorabilia, gaming equipment, and whatever hobbies and interests the man possesses.

However, not every home or apartment has a large basement space or expansive spare room to make a massive man cave. Use paint, furnishings and other tricks to turn a small room into an enviable man cave.


Choose furniture that is the same shade as the wall coloring. This adds a flow to the space that makes it seem larger.


Install the TV bracket into wall studs, or use heavy-duty wall anchors if a stud is not available.

  1. Paint the walls in a light shade of blue, green or brown. Avoid darker hues, as these make the space seem cavernous and smaller than it really is. Save the darker colors for accents -- including wooden trim, borders or decorative elements.

  2. Decorate the room with one large piece of furniture, such as a sofa, that anchors the space and provides a focal point. Bring in two to three small pieces, including a bookcase, end table or other small tables for drinks and snacks. Avoid cluttering the room with several larger pieces of furniture, as these make the space feel smaller than it is. Choose multi-purpose furniture to cut down unnecessary items, including a coffee table with storage compartments.

  3. Ditch the credenza or other television stand and hang the flat screen on a wall-mounted bracket. Hang a shelf under the television to house any components, including the cable box or console video game. Store all the extraneous video game and electronic accessories, such as controllers and headsets, in a small cabinet to cut down on clutter.

  4. House any sports memorabilia, action figures or other collectibles on hanging shelves, instead of displaying the items in large cabinets. This allows you to free up floor space while showing off your collections. Avoid overloading the shelving with too much memorabilia to prevent making the space feel cluttered and over-stuffed.

  5. Add lighting to supply the room with plenty of light. This includes placing a floor lamp in the corner or allowing the sun to shine through windows. The extra light makes the room seem airier, lighter and larger.

  6. Incorporate a mirror into the room. Hang a decorative bar mirror or choose a mirrored coffee table to reflect more light, making the space feel larger. Place the mirror opposite a light source or window to maximize its ability to reflect light back into the room.