Decorating Ideas for a Curved Wall

J. Holland

It is so easy to be intimidated by an oddly shaped room. Your mind races with thoughts of "Where is my sofa going to go? What do I do with this? Is this usable space?" Take a deep breath and look at a curved wall as an opportunity for your home to be unique rather than cursed.

Solitary Space

Curved walls add visual interest but require a special strategy to be put to good use.

Everyone needs private time and space. Grab that curved wall to create a personal reading nook. A comfy chair and ottoman with a soft throw paired with a reading lamp make for a cozy spot. Add a small side table and you have a place for a glass of your favorite beverage.

Furniture should be slightly smaller than the curved wall so the wall gives the appearance of "hugging" the chair and ottoman. This creates a sense of security. A warm gray as a wall color is calming and will not distract you from your reading. The neutral wall lets color and pattern on your chair and throw be the stars. If you tire of the combination, it is easy to change out with a slipcover or new throw.

Wall hangings for a reading nook should reflect your love of books. Get or make a large print of a favorite book cover, frame and hang above the chair. This gives you another opportunity to incorporate color. If you prefer something more three-dimensional, install wall-mounted shelves to display your most treasured books and at the same time create visual interest.

Built-In Seats or Storage

Make the space welcoming with a built-in bench. Add a soft cushion and some brightly colored pillows and you have additional seating for guests. Create hidden storage under the bench seat for extra storage, either by making drawers or the installing hinges on the seat so it can be lifted to reveal a trunk space.

If this space is in an entry, paint the wall above the bench with chalkboard paint. This serves as message center for your family as they put on or remove their shoes. Or perhaps a cork board with a funky frame better suits your decor.

Or place a quote above the bench to send everyone out the door inspired. Vinyl decals are easy to apply and remove and would easily conform to a curved wall.

Paint the wall a highlighting color to show off this interesting architectural detail. Choose a color that is the same hue but two or three shades darker or lighter than the other walls. This will make the curved wall and bench the focal point of the room without adding too much contrast.

Built-in shelves make a stylish display of your treasures, books and collectibles. If the curved wall is in an appropriate part of your house, its unusual shape also makes for decorative built-in storage for wine.

Art on Show

Whether is it your child's latest masterpiece or a museum print, everyone likes to hang up art. A curved space creates a mini art gallery with architectural pizazz. The curved shape of the wall encourages guests to walk around the art work. Hang up one large piece or a group of smaller pieces and use lighting to showcase the work. Curved walls do not require special nails or hardware to hang pictures. Just make sure you find the studs in the wall before you start.

For a bold statement, create a grid of framed photos from floor to ceiling with a 1- to 2-inch gap between frames. If you do not have art that needs a home or buying for this display is not in the budget, use a variety of well-framed family photos. Your living space should reflect the dwellers in it, and that includes photos of them.

Seating in the Round

Depending on the location and size of your curved wall, another option would be to make this your "sofa" wall. There are many rounded sofas available that could possibly be a perfect fit. Another option would be to have a sofa custom made to hug the wall so it appears built in. The sofa can either follow the length of the wall completely or be about 4 feet smaller to allow room for end tables.

Using the curved wall for your sofa creates more floor space without sacrificing the beauty of the wall. Like the reading nook, this will provide a feeling of welcome. If the curved sofa wall is in your media room, this would be a convenient place to house your surround sound or audio equipment.