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Rust Colored Furniture Decorating Ideas

Elizabeth Arnold

A rust color, which is cross between dark red and brown, will give your home a rustic appeal. You can decorate any room, such as a master bedroom or living room, with a rust color scheme. Rust will coordinate with several other colors, as well as work well with a variety of decorating themes.

Nature-Inspired Look

Decorate your home with rust-colored furniture pieces.

Use rust's rustic appeal to create a nature-inspired living room look. Enhance a rust-colored sofa with dark green decorative pillows featuring a brown pine cone design. Fold a green throw blanket over the back of the couch to create a cohesive look. Use touches of wrought iron, such as a lamp base, candlesticks or wall sconces, to create an organic style. Place rust-colored candles in the candlesticks or sconces to match back to the furniture.

Spicy Style

Play up rust's spicy side with other warm colors. Complement the rust-colored furniture with decor featuring cinnamon, paprika and mustard yellow shades. Paint the walls of a living room filled with rust-colored furniture a creamy ecru shade as a neutral backdrop. Enhance a rust-colored love seat and sofa set with Moroccan-inspired pillows featuring red, brown and gold designs. Hang a tapestry featuring coordinating colors on a large, empty wall. Gold accents, such as vases, picture frames and clocks, will enhance the spicy look.

Pop of Yellow

Cheery yellow decor pieces will instantly enhance and brighten drab rust-colored furniture. Both rust and yellow are warm shades, so they will complement each other throughout the space. Place sunny yellow decorative pillows across the back of a rust-hued sofa as a vibrant touch. Place a plush, yellow rug on hardwood floors below the rust sofa to soften the look. If you have white walls and prefer subtle color, choose a light butter yellow shade to coordinate with the rust furniture.

Turquoise Touches

Accent rust-hued furniture with turquoise touches as an unexpected touch. Work the bright blue color into the decor scheme for a desert-inspired look. If you have a rust-colored couch in your living room, decorate with a turquoise love seat. In a bedroom featuring a turquoise-colored comforter, set up a reading nook with a comfortable chair featuring rust-colored upholstery. Bring the colors together through the use of Southwestern-style paintings, textiles or hand-painted ceramic vases.