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What is the Best Wall Color for a Wheat Colored Sofa?

Tamiya King

If you've just purchased a wheat-colored sofa, you may want to add a pop of color to your room by painting a wall. There are several hues that go well with a sofa of this color, so it's best to choose a shade that fits your decorative tastes and looks great with other furniture in the room.


Wheat, or neutral-colored, sofas look great with a number of wall colors.

Red makes any space brighter and makes anyone who enters the room feel a little more energetic. If you have a wheat-colored sofa, a striking red -- like candy apple red -- will definitely add contrast and make the room more appealing, especially if you have other furniture in neutral shades, such as a nightstand or coffee table made from light-colored wood.


Aubergine, a rich eggplant color, is a wonderful complement to a tan or wheat sofa and is ideal if you want to add color to the room that is attention-getting but not too daring. Aubergine also looks great with light- or medium-colored wood and metallic colors, so bronze throw pillows or lamps in a light-colored wood are ideal for this room.


Green is the color of growth and newness, making it a perfect decor choice for remodeling a room with a wheat-colored couch. You can paint the accent wall of the room a pistachio green for a subtle color addition or use a kelly or hunter green for a more outgoing look.