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How to Decorate With Tigerwood Flooring

Sarah Schreiber

The bold stripes and deep orange coloring of tigerwood remind people of its namesake. Tigerwood originates from the Astronium tree grown in South America and is considered to be an exotic hardwood. As with any type of wood floor, the advantage of tigerwood is that almost all styles of décor go well with the product. When decorating a room, above all, it's important to keep your own personal tastes and style in mind.

  1. Make a decision on whether you'll have an area rug of some type in the room. Area rugs can add a soft touch to a room and give bare feet a break from the hard surface of the wood. Choose an area rug that leaves a significant portion of the tigerwood floor uncovered so you can enjoy this feature. Area rugs come in styles to fit any décor pattern.

  2. Use matching wood in any furniture pieces in the room. While tigerwood flooring can go with any type of wood furniture, colors like dark cherry or espresso provide a sophisticated contrast to the orange-brown hue common to tigerwood. Light colors of wood like birch also provide a contrast to the darker wood floor.

  3. Choose upholstery that provides a significant contrast to the tigerwood floor color. Avoid using brownish-orange furniture that blend into the floor.

  4. Paint the walls a color that provides contrast to the floor and fits in well with your furniture pieces. Neutral paint colors like off-white and beige can work with any color of flooring and furniture. The only color you may want to avoid with tigerwood is brown or orange as it will make the room seem too monochromatic.

  5. Choose accent pieces like pillows, drapery and wall hangings for the room that go along with the rest of the room décor and match your exact tastes.