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How to Mix Wood Ceiling & Wood Floor Decorating

Dr. Eugenia Orr

It is possible and even stylish to mix different woods within the same room. In rooms with a wood ceiling and wood flooring, it is easy to decorate since the two wood colors are not next to each other. If you are adding wood floors to a room with a wood ceiling, select a contrasting color to add interest and flair. Wood is available in many species and colors and can be installed straight, diagonally or in tiles. How it is installed will lengthen the room or widen the room. Wood ceilings are usually installed in the longest direction of the wood in vertical planks. Another ceiling treatment is beams or timbers installed every couple of feet.

Step 1

Paint the walls a bright or light color. A room with wood flooring and ceiling may appear closed in. By painting the walls a brighter/lighter color, the walls will balance the heaviness of the wood.

Step 2

Use complementary wood tables. It may be difficult to exactly match either wood species. Match the wood to the ceiling as best you can to bring that color down to the floor. Since the furniture will not be against the ceiling, a close-enough match to the ceiling is an ideal solution for mixing two woods together.

Step 3

Anchor the seating arrangement with an area rug. Choose one with colors that will pull in the color of the ceiling, floor and furniture.

Step 4

Select upholstered furniture in a bright color. A bright color, such as red, will pop in any room with any finish and will become the focus of the room, so the two different woods won't be the focus.

Step 5

Add accessories, such as vases, throw pillows or drapery, that will reinforce the wood floor color in the room.

Step 6

Another alternative is to ignore one of the woods and treat it as a neutral color. With this option, the wood will "disappear" into the background and not be a design element to treat.