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What Colors Go With Cherry Wood in an Office Room?

Tamiya King

Cherry wood possess a pronounced, rich color that will make your home office especially sophisticated. Several selections on the color wheel will make the cherry wood stand out by contrasting with it, or lend to the warm nature of the wood by giving the home office a studious but inviting appearance.


Dark cherry wood pairs well with lighter shades of brown.

Orange curtains or an area rug are fitting for an office space since it's less intense than red and can be viewed for extended periods. Light orange walls denote ambition and stimulation, and may motivate you to get tasks done in the office efficiently. Since orange is a lighter variation of red, and cherry wood features red over- and undertones, the color red, a hue that denotes excitement and power, is still present in the office but isn't overpowering.


The dark, reddish brown of cherry wood pairs nicely with green, since red and green are color wheel opposites. Green is the color of growth, and also symbolizes perseverance and reliability. The hue is very easy on the eyes, so it will be easy to stay in the office for long periods of time without feeling too excitable. A green chair to complement a cherry wood desk is appealing and unexpected. A large plant arrangement filled with real or synthetic lush green leaves in a reddish brown vase will add texture to the office space.


Blue is a serene and calming color that represents wisdom and intelligence, making it an ideal selection for an office. Dark variations of blue like navy or royal will intensify the pronounced color of cherry wood, but should be used sparingly throughout the room so that the two hues aren't too overpowering. For instance, dark blue wall paneling, or a file cabinet and area rug in dark blue, features enough of the color to make a statement. Light blue will contrast with the cherry wood, so that both colors get equal attention. Paint the entire office a pewter or robin's egg blue to attractively oppose the end table or desk in the space.


Include various shades of brown in the room to emphasize this color's meaning of comfort and stability. For instance, add a nutmeg-colored armchair in the room to pick up the light and medium brown flecks in the cherry wood flooring. Feature a tan or honey-colored vase filled with synthetic flowers in muted shades of red to bring more attention to the warm color scheme. Complete the room's decor by painting the walls a wheat or oat color and adding dark brown wooden wall hangings like a clock or wooden carving of your initials to the accent wall.


To maintain the monochromatic look of your cherry wood-themed office, choose metallic accents that are attention-getting but not overwhelming. For instance, choose copper-colored paint for the wall paneling to bring out the medium and gold-brown tones in the flooring. Or, paint a large bronze stripe in the middle of the accent wall that matches the trim and handles on your cherry wood desk. These accents give the office a mature and studious appearance that isn't stark or bland.