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How to Hide an Ugly Room Corner

Sidney Johns

Hiding an ugly corner brings up the visual quality of a room. Even the best planned home may end up with an ugly corner. Hot water heaters, piping, furnaces and other necessary home appliances may leave a corner of the room looking raw or unfinished. Some walls may not be smooth in appearance, making them the ugly spot in the room. Whatever the issue, you may need to get creative to blend or fix the corner to make the entire room acceptable.

Step 1

Paint the corner a darker shade than the rest of the room. If the corner walls are uneven, rough or raw, paint them a darker shade. This gives a shadowed look to the area.

Step 2

Cover the corner with wallpaper. If the corner is uneven or cracked, cover it with loud or busy print wallpaper. Busy patterns will confuse the eye of onlookers, camouflaging the corner's appearance.

Step 3

Transform the corner into a closet. If the ugliness is a result of a hot water heater, furnace or piping, consider building a corner closet around it. A single wall across between the two adjacent walls and a new door will hide the ugly items. Hire a professional for best results.

Step 4

Cover it with a curtain. Place a loop head screw on each adjacent wall, directly caddy corner from each other. Place approximately 4 inches from the ceiling. Run a piece of wire through a decorative curtain and twist tie through the loops. The curtain will hide the ugly corner.

Step 5

Hide the corner with a decorative room divider. Place a wooden or metal framed, free-standing room divider in front of the corner. This works for hiding hot water heaters, vents, furnaces and low lying pipes.