How to Build a Deck Around a Pool

Building a deck around your pool can make it look more beautiful and give your family a place to sit and enjoy while at the pool. Don't let building a deck around your pool intimidate you. It's not as hard as you might think!

Build a Deck Around a Pool


Always buy more supplies than you need. Most supply stores will let you returned unused items, which is easier than being short and having to go back to the store.

  1. Decide what type of deck you want to build. There are many different types of decks you can build, including different types of lumber. You can choose from pressure treated wood to composite lumber, which is more expensive but will last forever and is environmentally friendly. You can locate free deck plans online at places such as Deck Plans to help you decide how you'd like your deck to look and what design to choose.

  2. Measure your pool area. Measure the area around your pool, being certain to include how wide you want your deck to be. Decide if you want a landing area that is big enough to sit and relax on or just an area to enter and exit the pool. Make sure to measure and leave enough room for tight areas and cover areas for your pool equipment such as your filter and motor. These are areas that you will need to access so consider putting a gate there or some form of opening.

  3. Price your lumber. Take your measurements down to the lumber supply store and explain to a clerk that you are building a deck. Along with your measurements and type of lumber to purchase, you can then see what type of cost you're looking at. Building a deck can be more expensive than you think since you will also need concrete mix to put your posts in and sturdy posts to hold up your deck as well as support frames. Don't forget the screws and accessories you will need as well as any tools you may not have.

  4. Decide if you need help building your deck. Building a deck can be a hard job for just one person. If you want it done faster you'll need help in building it. You will need to factor in this cost into the entire job's finished price. If you do decide to get help you will need to hire someone that you don't know or offer a friend or family member compensation for his time.