How to Use Liquid Laundry Starch

Nannette Richford

Liquid starch is quick and easy to use, and creates a nice crisp piece of fabric for crafts and sewing, or crisp clean lines in clothing. Used right from the bottle at full strength, liquid starch is an excellent stiffener for fabric used in craft projects.

Use Liquid Laundry Starch

Diluted with water, starch provides shape to clothing or tablecloths. The proportion of water to starch determines the stiffness of the material.


Use more starch to stiffen fabrics for crafts. Iron the wrong side of fabric to prevent starch flakes from showing on the fabric.

  1. Dilute liquid starch with water following the recommendations on the bottle or the recommended strength for your project.

  2. Mix well, and pour into a spray bottle for easy application.

  3. Spray uniforms or fabrics while they are slightly damp.

  4. Iron with a warm iron set on steam.

  5. Rinse fabric in a solution of liquid starch and water to saturate the material.

  6. Wring excess water out of the fabric by hand, and lay the fabric on a flat surface to dry.

  7. Iron smooth with a steam iron once the fabric is nearly dry.

  8. Hang or lay flat to prevent wrinkles.