How to Clean Cupro

Kallie Johnson

When cupro becomes dirty, it can be laundered in a washing machine. The rayon-like fabric is commonly used to make higher-end blouses, household linens, curtains and as a liner in clothing, such as a jacket lining. When cupro is used as a lining, always read and follow the manufacturer's cleaning instructions.

Although it is safe for cupro to be washed in a washing machine, it may not be safe for the outer fabric.

  1. Set your washing machine to a regular cleaning cycle. Use cold water for dark colored cupro fabric to prevent fabric. Warm water can be used on light colors.

  2. Add a bleach-free and chlorine-free laundry detergent to the washing machine.

  3. Place the cupro fabric into the laundry machine and begin the cleaning cycle. Remove from the washing machine when the cleaning cycle is completed.

  4. Place the fabric in the dryer. Run through a regular heat, timed-dry or cotton drying cycle until the fabric is dry. Alternatively, hang it up to dry. If needed, a warm iron can be used to eliminate wrinkles.


Never use bleach or chlorine or laundry detergents containing these products with cupro. In addition to causing discoloration, they can eat away at the fine fabric, leading to holes or tears.