How to Mount a Crib Mobile

Laurel Storm

When the birth of your new baby is approaching, you will be busy making everything just perfect and ready for the new arrival. Crib mobiles can be especially confusing to put together, especially if they include a large base and many different pieces.

Crib mobiles come in a variety of vivid colors and shapes.

Fortunately, most modern mobiles are attached to cribs in the same basic way and require at most a simple screwdriver to put together.


Keep the mobile out of your baby's reach and remove it from the crib when your baby begins to sit up or crawl. The objects suspended from the mobile can present a suffocation risk.

  1. Ensure you have all the parts for your mobile. The basic parts are a base, an arm, a large nut or dial and the mobile itself, with toys and decorations attached to it. If your mobile requires batteries to function, remove the back of the base, insert the required batteries and replace the back.

  2. Examine the base of the mobile. It should have a protruding section near the top. This protrusion helps balance the weight of the mobile and steadies it against the edge of the crib. The base of the mobile should also have a threaded post used to attach it to the crib. You may need to attach the threaded post onto the base with screws and a screwdriver if it comes as a separate piece.

  3. Place the base of the mobile on the inside of the crib, against the wall. The protruding section should be resting on the edge of the crib wall, and the threaded post should be protruding toward the outside between two crib bars.

  4. Screw the nut onto the threaded post until the nut is flush against the wall of the crib and the base of the mobile is firmly attached.

  5. Attach the mobile to the arm and the arm to the base. Depending on your mobile, the pieces may simply snap together, or you may need to attach them with screws and a screwdriver.

  6. Measure the distance between the top of the mattress and the bottom of the mobile base. If the resulting measurement is less than 7 inches, lower the mattress.