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The Components of Beds

Amanda Bell

Beds are made up of a number of components, regardless or which style or variety you choose. In many cases, different parts can be replaced to provide you with a new look for your bed without the cost of buying an entirely new bed set. All beds include a mattress and frame, and most also include a headboard and footboard.

The Mattress

There are several different components of a bed.

Many consider the mattress one of the most important components of a bed; after all, it determines whether the bed is comfortable. Mattresses come in sizes ranging from crib to king size. While most are square or rectangular, some are also round. This bed component can be firm or very soft; some have technology built in to adjust this feature. You can use the mattress alone on platform beds, cribs and toddler beds or with a box spring, which is used to support the mattress on the frame.

The Frame

The part of a bed the holds up the mattress and allows you to attach a headboard and footboard is the frame of the bed. In some cases, the frame is made of metal, and you can adjust it to accommodate different types and sizes of mattresses. Higher-end beds often have wooden frames, some of which hide the box spring or mattress. In beds that do not use a box spring the frame also includes slates of wood that hold up the mattress; these are known as platform beds.

The Headboard

This bed component is located at the front, or head, of the bed. It typically attaches to the bedframe, although you can mount some headboards to the wall. It can be made from metal or wood, and can be a plain piece that provides definition to the bed or something more elaborate. Some headboards include storage options, such as shelving, or have nightstands attached. Many are made of wrought iron or have posts on either side that can be used to support a canopy or frame above the bed.

The Footboard

The piece located at the foot of the bed is known as the footboard, and it typically attaches to the bed frame. It can be either the same size or shorter than the headboard, and typically matches in style. Like a headboard, the footboard can be a simple piece of wood or more elaborate. It may contain storage, and in some cases may have space for a television. On the outside of the footboard, seating is often attached.