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How to Assemble a Round Baby Crib

Christy Bagasao

Every round crib is designed differently. To know exactly how to assemble the round crib for your baby, you need the instructions for that brand and model number. However, there are many similarities between the cribs. If you cannot locate the manual for your round crib, the assembly instructions for the Little Miss Liberty Standard Canopy Top Round Wood Crib may be able to guide you.

A properly assembled round crib will keep baby safe during naptime.
  1. Locate the two halves of the crib base, each a semi-circle. Line up the fourth peg on one with the fourth slot on the other. Fit them together. Rotate the two semi-circles so the other locking pegs align with the other slots on the opposing section.

  2. Insert each of the four casters into the four caster sockets. Insert the sockets into the bottom opening on each of the crib legs and tap the casters lightly to secure them in the legs.

  3. Locate the two legs with double rod brackets on them. The legs must be attached to the crib base so these brackets face each other for the movable railing. Attach the legs to the base by lining up the bracket on the base with the hole on the leg, which is positioned at the proper height for the size and mobility of your child. Working from the outside, insert two 2-inch bolts through the leg into the base bracket. Place the washers and the square nuts on the inside end of the bolts and tighten, using a screwdriver and pliers. Repeat with the remaining three legs.

  4. Assemble the movable crib rail by inserting the hooked metal rod through the top of the movable rail, through the top bracket on the leg, through the bottom rail of the crib side and through the bottom bracket on the leg. Repeat on the other side of the crib rail with the other metal rod.

  5. Attach the stationary crib wall. Rest the bottom rail on the metal bracket on the leg. Insert a 2.5-inch bolt into a washer and then into the lower crib rail from the top downward. Secure it with a washer and an acorn nut, using a screwdriver and a pair of pliers. Insert another 2.5-inch bolt through the hole in the metal rod, through the crib leg and into the stationary rail. Tighten with a screwdriver, but do not overtighten.

  6. Connect the canopy by snapping each of the four arched bars of the canopy onto two bedposts. Finish by screwing the finials into place on the top.

  7. Lower the movable crib rail by lifting the side. Release the locking mechanism by simultaneously pressing both locking latches. Lower the rail. To raise it, simply lift it back up into place until the locking mechanisms catch automatically.

  8. Check all bolts and rails for security before use. Periodically tighten the bolts again as necessary.