Acme Metal Bunk Bed Assembly Instructions

Mark Morris

Acme furniture has been in business for 25 years. Its metal bunk beds are made from tubular steel framing and come in six pieces: two end frames, two mattress frames and two side rails.

A wrench and pliers are the tools required for Acme bunk bed assembly.

They are built with the metal ladders integrated into the end frames to take up less space, so that you can fit two full size twin beds into the space that it would take to house one traditional twin frame. You will need help to complete the assembly process.

  1. Stand one end frame against a wall, or have a helper hold it upright, so that the triangle-shaped, mattress-frame brackets are pointing toward you.

  2. Lay one of the two identical mattress frames flat, with its narrow end toward the end frame. Position it so that the triangular tabs at the ends of the side rails are facing down. Lift up on the end that is toward the end frame and fit the triangular tabs into the lower, flat bracket pockets on the end frame, about 12 inches up from the floor. Fit one short bolt through the bracket and tab on each side of the mattress frame from the outside and fit a washer and bolt onto the threaded end. Tighten the nuts with a wrench and pliers.

  3. Stand the remaining end frame at the opposite end of the mattress frame with the brackets toward the mattress frame. Fit the triangular tabs into the lower, flat bracket pockets. Leave the bolts out of this pair for now, so that you can tip the top of this end frame out to allow the top mattress frame to fit.

  4. Lay the remaining mattress frame flat and have a helper assist you in lifting it up, above the frame you already installed, and fit the tabs into the upper triangular brackets on both end frames. Insert bolts and add nuts as you did for the first end of the lower mattress frame in both ends of the upper mattress frame and the remaining loose end of the lower frame.

  5. Fit one of the side safety rails on top of the closest side rail of the top mattress frame. Adjust it so that the bolt hole in the rail is aligned with the bolt hole in the end frame. Fit a long bolt through the end frame and through the rail to the inside. Fit a nut on the end of this bolt and tighten the bolt with a wrench and pliers. Do the same for the opposite end of this rail and both ends of the remaining rail, installing it above the side rail on the other side of the upper mattress frame.