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How to Install A Baby Crib Spring

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Baby cribs consist of several different pieces that you need to assemble. The separate pieces include the rails, the headboards and footboards as well as the crib spring. The crib spring is a single, flat surface of springs that hold the crib mattress in place to support the mattress and the weight of the baby. Most crib springs include attached scissor brackets that allow you to adjust the height of the mattress. The spring extends across the base of the crib and is not difficult to install.

Crib springs support the weight of the crib mattress and your baby.

Step 1

Position the crib spring so that the scissor brackets are facing downward, depending on the style of crib you have. Some crib springs have scissor brackets that face upward and some face downward. No matter which direction they are facing, you can still install the crib spring.

Step 2

Prepare one set of hardware for each corner section of the crib spring. The hardware should include a bolt, two washers and a lock nut to secure the crib spring in place.

Step 3

Place the bolt through one of the washers. Insert the bolt through the outside rail and the scissor bracket on the crib spring. Place the other washer on the other end of the bolt and screw the locknut on the end of the bolt.

Step 4

Use the flathead screwdriver to hold the bolt while tightening the locknut with a wrench by turning it clockwise. Hold the crib spring straight while tightening the locknut.

Step 5

Repeat Steps 3 and 4 to connect the remaining three corners of the crib spring before placing the mattress on the spring. Adjust all sides evenly so that spring will not lean.