How to Install Sliding Closet Doors

How to Install Sliding Closet Doors. Maybe your sliding closet doors are damaged, or maybe you just want to change the style of the doors to better match your taste. Here's a simple project to help you do just that.

  1. Take measurements of the old doors. Bring these to a local home improvement center or lumberyard.

  2. Pick out a set of doors that suits your style and home decor. There are many styles to choose from, both finished and unfinished, but make sure they match the size of your doors.

  3. Apply finish, if you chose an unfinished model, before hanging the new doors. This is much easier than applying paint or stain after installing the doors.

  4. Remove most old doors by simply lifting them up out of the track; most just ride in the overhead track. A few models have a simple locking mechanism that you override by holding down on a small lever, while still other models have certain places on the track where the rollers must be positioned over a cutout and then lifted free.

  5. Remove the old track from the top of the door opening with a screwdriver. You won't need to keep any of the old hardware except for the door guides that some doors have mounted on the floor. (The only reason to replace these is if they are visibly damaged.)

  6. Measure the new track against the old for length. You may have to size the new one down with a hacksaw to fit the opening.

  7. Mount the bracket in the same location as the old one using the screws provided. Make sure the screws are well-seated so that the heads won't interfere with the roller movement, but don't overtighten and warp the track out of shape, as this can inhibit smooth door movement as well.

  8. Mount the rollers on the inside upper edge of the doors according to manufacturer's instructions. (Some kits come with the rollers already mounted.)

  9. Hang the new doors on the track.