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How to Make Stepping Stones From a Kit

Kathy Adams

To use a stepping stone kit, place the pebbles or embellishments face down in the mold, pour in the concrete mix and wait for it to harden.

A stepping-stone kit offers a simple way to make one or two stepping stones for your garden. These kits typically include the mold, instructions, a few add-in embellishments and a stepping stone mix. To use a kit, select a space, ideally outdoors, where you can mix and pour the concrete or stepping-stone mixture, and allow it to harden overnight without it being disturbed.

Getting Started

Select a work area, ideally outdoors on a dry day. If you must work inside, cover the workspace with a plastic tarp or newspaper. Set the stepping stone mold atop the work area, along with all the items from the kit -- the powdered mix and a stirrer. Fill a large plastic cup with water for the project to get ready, and set a separate disposable bowl or pan nearby to mix the cement. Put on rubber gloves and a dust mask, if they were not included in your kit.

Mix It Up

  1. Pour the stepping-stone powdered mix into a shallow pan, unless your kit recommends pouring it directly into the mold; some do. In that case, pour half of the powder into the mold.

  2. Add water, a few tablespoons at a time, stirring the mixture with the stir stick as you work. Continue adding water -- and the remaining dry powder, if pouring directly into the mold -- until the solution resembles a thick batter.

  3. Pour the wet cement into the mold slowly, allowing the cement to fill in any details within the mold design. Fill the mold to the top. Once the mold is full -- or if you've worked in the mold the entire time -- smooth the top of the cement slightly with the stir stick.

  4. Allow the cement to harden for 24 hours or as recommended on the stepping stone mix package; the curing time depends upon the materials used in the mix.

  5. Place one hand on top of the hardened cement and flip the mold over. Flex or tap the mold to release the stepping stone.


Decorating the Top

If your stone mold is designed so the top of the wet cement becomes the top of the stepping stone, allow the cement to harden for 45 minutes or as recommended on the cement mix package. Gently line up pebbles, beach glass, marbles or beads in the cement to create a design, or use the tip of a skewer or pencil to write words in the cement. Adding elements to the top of the cement allows you to use items that are not necessarily flat, such as marbles, as the cement won't pool up around them and bury them as long as it has partially cured already.

Some stepping-stone mixes come with extra elements such as flat glass gems or beads to dress up your stepping stone. Depending upon the mold type, these elements may need to go in the bottom of the mold or added in on top once the cement hardens after 45 minutes or so. If your stone mold has a design in the bottom, the design is intended for the top of the stone. Add the embellishments face down inside the mold before pouring the cement, being careful not to move them as you pour the cement.