How to Build a Balcony

How to Build a Balcony. Add style and beauty to your home by adding a balcony. Balconies give you a different perspective of the land and area where you live. So get ready and design the size, decide on the types of materials you want to use and then build a fabulous balcony.

  1. Design the balcony with desired dimensions and desired materials. Pressure treated wood is needed for any outdoor project.

  2. Do a material count and go to a local hardware store to purchase materials.

  3. Cut the 2 by 12 ledger and 2 by 12 floor joist to desired measurements. Nail in place. Secure ledger with lag bolts. Use a minimum of 6 inch lag bolts.

  4. Use joist hangers to secure floor joist.

  5. Install plywood sub floor. Glue and screw the sub floor in place.

  6. Fix corner support posts in corners to secure hand rail.

  7. Build and install hand rail.

  8. Establish floor with desired materials for this step.

  9. Stain and seal hand rail.

  10. Tip

    Check with local authorities to see if a permit or permission is need to build the balcony.


    Level, level, level during each of the steps.