How to Paint Christmas Ornaments

Christmas is a great time of year for arts and crafts. It is a time when families are together with time on their hands. Finding things to occupy yourself and house guest is always a challenge. A fun craft that can be reused year after year is Christmas ornament painting. Read on to learn more.

  1. Pick out your favorite holiday ornaments. Whether they be balls for the tree little snowflakes choose whatever suits your personality. Try to find ornaments with smooth surfaces. Craft stores will have a large variety.

  2. Shop for either a paint kit, or separate paints, glitter, and brushes. You can find kits in specialty stores or just your local craft store. Choose Christmas colors such as red, white, and green. Make sure that you get at least two different size paint brushes for cover and detail.

  3. Now is the time to get creative. Use the paint colors that are heavier first. Red sometimes tends to bleed so it may be a color you want to put on the ornament first. Decorate the ornaments as you see fit. Have fun with it. You may want to use stencils if you have little ones helping you.

  4. Finally, glitter is always a nice touch during holiday time. Use whatever color glitter you have on hand. Glitter gives the impression of snow. When you are finished decoration let the ornaments dry for a few hours. Check the directions on your paint to see exactly how long is suggested. Now all that is left is to place them on your Christmas tree.

  5. Tip

    Shop for ornaments that are on sale. Pick ornaments with flat surfaces.