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How to Paint a Dallas Cowboys Room

Kathy Adams

Paint a Dallas Cowboys themed room using licensed team colors for an authentic touch. Add a helmet logo or a large Cowboys star for a special touch.

Thrill your favorite Dallas Cowboys fan by painting a room in the team's colors. Paint an oversized Cowboys helmet or a mural of a favorite player as a focal point for the room.

Painting With Cowboys Colors

Stick with true Cowboys colors by buying paints in the actual shades used on team merchandise and uniforms. Light gray, silver and navy are the dominant colors, along with white accents. For a basic theme room, paint one wall navy and the others gray -- using the team's navy color as the most dominant shade may make the room feel a bit too dark or dreary, but it works on an accent wall. If the room has a chair rail, paint the walls beneath the railing navy with the top half gray, or paint the full wall the same team shade with the chair rail itself in one of the Cowboys accent colors.

Special Accents

For a team-related accent that isn't over the top, paint a large Cowboys star logo on one of the walls. Select a white, silver or gray wall as the background -- all in team shades. Paint a navy blue star with a little white space around it, followed by another thick outline of navy. Project an actual team star on the wall using an opaque projector or overhead projector, and then trace the design in chalk or pencil before painting it.

Add an obvious homage to the Cowboys with a giant helmet logo on an accent wall instead of a simple star. As with the star, project an image or clip-art image of the team helmet on the wall for a realistic representation in paint.

Project and trace the team name on a wall for another Cowboys accent. You can also create your own Cowboys-themed stencils and stamps by cutting the star logo or helmet shape out of contact paper or craft foam, respectively. Stencil or stamp the design near the ceiling for a Cowboys ceiling border, or add the designs in a flowing line around the room for a playful effect.

Magnificent Murals

Add the excitement and energy of a Cowboys' game by painting a mural of an action shot featuring some of your favorite Cowboys players -- or even a single player doing what he does best. Convert a photo of an exciting play into black and white using a photo editing program, then print it out on paper. Project the image on the wall with an opaque projector, and then trace the outline in chalk. Use chalk to note the colors that belong in specific parts of the uniform, or opt for two-tone style using two of the team's colors instead of black and white. Fill the design in with the appropriate colors once the chalking is complete.