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How to Trace Pictures on Walls for Painting

Maybe your kids want a cartoon character on their wall, or you just want to paint a quote (and you're not so great at freehand). With the help of a projector, almost any design is as simple as trace and paint!

  1. Find the image you want on your walls. If you have it as a physical print, you'll need to scan it, but if you have a digital image, you're already set to go.

  2. Copy the image to any program that lets you increase image size to full page (8 1/2 by 11 inches). If you're using Word, you can do this by right-clicking and changing the size.

  3. Print the image as usual, except use transparency paper in your printer. Make sure you are using the type of transparency that matches your printer--ink-jet for an ink printer, laser-safe for a laser printer.

  4. Place the image on the projector and point it so the image projects on the wall you want the image on.

  5. Adjust the magnification so that the image fits the size you desire.

  6. Trace the image onto the wall using a colored pencil. It's easiest to trace one side and then the other, since you will be blocking some of the light as you trace.

  7. Paint to match the colors of the original, or get creative and paint the image in funky colors. Be careful to use the same standards you would with regular painting: cover anything that paint might drop on, use the correct size brushes and so forth.

  8. Let dry, and enjoy your unique walls!