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How to Draw Paint Splats

Maxfield Carroll

Paint splats are usually the sign of sloppy work, but when artfully crafted they can be a desirable design element. Nickelodeon Networks based their logo on a paint splat for many years, and Jackson Pollack made an entire career in art with spattered paint.

If you have a spot that needs a messy accent, draw a paint splat to catch your viewer's eye.

  1. Draw a guideline circle for your splat. To make it appear that the paint hit the surface straight on, draw a perfect circle. For paint hitting the spot at an angle, draw an oblong shape.

  2. Mark the central point of the paint's impact. Draw radial guideline spokes of various lengths from the center beyond the edge of the circle.

  3. Draw smaller circles at the tips of the longer spokes. Draw curves to round out the edges where the center circle and the small circles meet the spokes.

  4. Draw in the outline. Erase the inner guidelines. Fill in the shape with colored paint of your choosing.