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How to Paint a Badminton Racket

Grace Riley

You can apply a coat of paint to retired badminton rackets, then mount them in a game room, common room or the bedroom of a badminton fanatic. The most laborious part of the project will be covering the net of strings in the center.

You could mount a painted badminton racket on the wall of a game room.

By using a broad piece of paper in the middle of the racket, you only have to tear small pieces of tape for the perimeter.

  1. Acquire spray paint in a formula intended for whatever material comprises your racket. You likely need wood or metal paint.

  2. Lay down newspapers on a flat work surface.

  3. Clean or scrape the racket to remove any unevenness on the surface that might cause the paint to settle and dry unevenly.

  4. Cover the parts of the racket you do not want to paint with protective material, such as paper or masking tape. Wrap masking tape around the handle.

  5. Place a piece of paper in the center of the strings. Line the border, where the strings and racket meet, with masking tape. Overlap the tape with the paper to hold the paper in place. This will take a little time because you are applying pieces of straight tape to a round perimeter. Repeat the process on the other side to protect the strings from the other angle.

  6. Lay the racket on the newspaper. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for shaking the can of paint before use.

  7. Spray the top side of the racket. Allow it 30 minutes or more to dry.

  8. Turn the racket over. Spray the reverse side of the racket. Allow it 30 minutes or more to dry.

  9. Inspect the racket for areas of poor paint coverage. Apply another layer of paint, if desired.

  10. Remove the masking tape and paper protective covering.

  11. Tip

    You can also paint the strings and handle to further distinguish the decoration.