How to Stop Static Cling in Clothes

When your clothes stick together -- and to you -- like magic, static cling is probably to blame. Caused by a the build up of friction and electricity on different materials, static is exacerbated by dry weather and climates.

Woman putting clothes into a dryer.

A good old-fashioned dryer sheet goes a long way toward eliminating static cling, as do dryer balls. If static electricity finds its way to your hair, tame your locks by gently rubbing them with a dryer sheet.

Creative Methods

When your clothes are nearly dry, put a damp cloth in your dryer and run the machine at low heat for the last 10 to 20 minutes of the drying cycle -- the added moisture should prevent static cling. Lightly spray the insides of your garments with hairspray to eliminate static, or dampen your hands and run them over your clothes before dressing. Covering yourself in body lotion or baby powder also helps to eliminate electricity, stopping pesky cling.