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How to Troubleshoot Fisher & Paykel Dryer Issues With a Lint Screen

Jon Stefansson

If you are experiencing lint problems in your Fisher & Paykel dryer, there are some company-approved troubleshooting techniques you can try and to resolve problems. Common lint-related issues include lint buildup on clothes and excessive lint in the lint screen.

  1. Verify that the lint screen is properly inserted. Never start a load without having the screen firmly pushed into its slot.

  2. Remove, clean and replace the lint screen. If lint and dust is allowed to build up in the lint screen, the dryer will not be able to dry clothes as efficiently.

  3. Separate lint-producing fabrics from those that attract lint. Dry fabrics like towels and chenille in separate loads from synthetic garments like polyester to reduce the amount of lint generated in by the dryer.

  4. Load a reasonable amount of laundry in the dryer. Overloading it makes it hard for laundry to tumble in the drum. This restricts airflow and causes lint to stick to the laundry instead of being collected in the lint screen. Always allow enough room for air to circulate around the tumbling laundry for best drying results.

  5. Monitor your dryer's heat setting; don't over-dry your laundry. If clothes and metal buttons are hot to the touch when you remove them from the dryer, lower your dryer's heat setting. Over-drying also produces more lint than shorter, less-heated settings.